The first stage. From the coast of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea to Morocco.

The second stage. Crossing the Atlantic from Morocco to the coast of Brazil.

The third stage. On waters of the Atlantic Ocean along the Brazilian coast to Cape Horn.

The fourth stage. The further trip depends on how quiet the Pacific ocean will be: ship either go round Cape Horn or deviating from the severe storms will pass through the Strait of Magellan but in any case it will go along the coast of Chile to the Galapagos Islands.

The fifth stage. Journey on the Pacific Ocean through Oceania and French Polynesia to Papua New Guinea.

The sixth stage. From Papua New Guinea to Australia.

The seventh stage. From Australia to exotic Indonesia.

The eighth stage. From Indonesia through the Indian Ocean to the Madagascar Island.

The ninth stage. From Madagascar to Capetown.

The tenth stage. . From Capetown along the Coast of Africa to Gibraltar.

The general plan was made by a team of experienced sailors, geographers and historians, so the whole route provides tours and sightseeing with a lot of interesting and informative places.