World of modern yacht is so wide and varied that it is necessary to choose the model you can be very difficult. We give below some of the possible classifications of yachts that will help you navigate the issue.

epending on the availability of engine power and sail yachts are divided into two main groups:
Sailing (sailing and motor)

And it's not two different technological class is a reflection of a completely different philosophy and world view. Sailing yacht - is to overcome the elements due to their own capabilities and environmental conditions, the same motor - through modern technology. The main thing for a sailing yacht - the process of navigation, for the motor yacht - the final destination.

Motor yachts - have a fairly powerful diesel engine (usually two, sometimes - three). Such boats are good for quick movements, they can reach speeds up to 40 knots (about 74 km / h), have high mobility, independent of wind direction and speed. In most models (middle and upper classes) present stabilizer pitching. The interiors are more spacious and comfortable compared to the sailing yacht of the same size.

Sailing yacht - provide the opportunity for a leisurely, relaxing holiday. Many consider sailing yachting more aristocratic. When sailing nothing disturbs surrounding silence, as sailboats move mainly due to forces vetra.S other hand, the speed of sailing yachts is negligible, and the route depends on the wind direction. During the movement of the yacht is under constant slope (slope depends on the wind speed)